Due To Power Outage

Image by pixabay.com
Image by pixabay.com

Hi everyone! I’ve been away due to power outage downing the lines, knocking out our internet. Have it been that long? Humph. That had set me back from posting in my blog, writing (digitally), and anything else needed to be done online. While working offline, I was able to write some posts- and went about it the old-fashioned way on paper, then typing up in Evernote to saved. Actually, I thought about Evernote at the last minute, didn’t thought I could do that offline. I’m starting to love the app, you ought to try it!

Thanks for the recommendation, Marquessa!

All in all, the sleet has caused us to  watched old DVDs, since the cable was out as well. Yeah, we watched mostly Marvel films and horror movies. Yet, I was still able to get some things done, not like I wanted, but that’s over now. It feels good to get back to things and catch up on.

What have you done during a power outage?

5 thoughts on “Due To Power Outage

  1. LOL! Yes, I’m an Evernote addict, always use it offline and sync later!☺ I actually love it when the power goes out (if I know it might happen and I’m prepared) – perfect time to crawl into bed with a book or chat in person/over the phone!

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