Have Faith In What You Do

Hello everyone! I’ve been away for awhile taking care of life’s problems, with dealing with my health, and other things. Yesterday was a terrible day but now that’s out the way… I’ve mentioned in a post about my blogging goals for this year, you can find it here, which I’ve managed to complete. One of them at least.

It has taken me awhile to work it out since I didn’t quite understood how to copy or move a post to another page. So I went into my admin and worked on my menu. I ended up adding related posts to the Romance- Erotica Stories page. There, you will get a drop-down menu of stories, poems, and such. It is now available for viewing. Please go visit and tell me what you think. Some of you may have already seen the posts, but I will add new content later on.

I’m still doing edits in my book Secrets Unveil. I’ve went through a lot with this manuscript last year and back nine years ago when I first started writing it. At first I wasn’t ready to release it to the world, the feeling of sharing something you hold dear was downright scary. And, with the non support I would get from others before I was even finished then.

Have you ever had someone tell you that you writing a book is a waste of time or asking you why you want to write a book with violence, sex, and language throughout it? Many times I had, yet I put my book to the side, went back to it, back and forth. With it finished, so many times so, I cried tears of joy; now I’m brainstorming the sequel.

Whatever you do, wherever you are, do what makes you happy. I can’t stress that enough. I have some people in my family and friends who do not read, follow, or share my blog and its content or care to read my book, but it’s okay. I care and that’s all that matters.

And should not care if certain people don’t  share your hopes and dreams. One thing I know, someone does and they want to read your work.

Enjoy your day!

14 thoughts on “Have Faith In What You Do

  1. Deb

    Stick on your path. And congratulations on completing the book. People who understand how much hard work goes into writing a book will never accuse you of time wasting. Keep on keeping on.

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  2. You should never pay mind to such nonsense talk and someone wanting to cut your dreams short. The excerpts of your writing that I have read are not disgusting or vulgar and sex is a normal phenomenon. Take care of yourself Pamela and relax your mind.

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    1. It doesn’t makes sense when they does that. But, I’m coming to terms of not being bothered by them with that. Yet, inside my book, there’s such words, but a minimal. 😐 I appreciate your kind words Jacqueline.

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