Blogging 101- Theme Change 

Happy Friday everyone! Today I woke up tired, yet my mind still active from last night of trying out new themes. It was quite a task I tell you!

My previous theme, Mystique, I had for about a year. The theme grew on me since the header kept giving me trouble. I had finally settled with the one before:

This is the desktop version viewed on my phone, like I’ve mentioned before, I do a lot of writing/blogging stuff via my phone. (I’m in works on getting a laptop. Fingers crossed.)

Last night, for today’s assignment, I’ve tried more themes. I really hate trying theme out since they are so tedious, but the end game is sweet. The Apostrophe theme, did not work well for me. It made me cry and took a lot away from my blog. Okay so I didn’t actually cry, but I was mad as heck.

I’ve settled for the Twenty-Eleven theme after getting bored with the Twenty-Sixteen theme. Here’s the new look:
Two header images are uploaded here because with this theme I have it set to randomized uploaded images. So as you navigate through the pages, the header image changes. Cool, huh? Yeah I know. You can always upload a new image, as many as you like, later on. I believe it looks okay.

What do you all think? Don’t hold back. Thanks!

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