The Home He Came To Know

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Ah, such a gorgeous place with beautiful people and delectable foods. Jamaica is a place I have never visit, but always dreamed of going.

For my own love of the island and one of my main characters resides there, this shall be exciting. I’ll tell you about Trent’s own experiences. Ready? Let’s go!

Ocho Rios, Jamaica is his safe haven where he can find peace and become one with nature. He moved there from Cherry Gardens area when he was a teen. Since he was a young boy visiting, the blue-green waters, the gentle breeze blowing through his shoulder-length dreadlocks, brought on a sense of trust. Why, so? He can trust that every morning at the break of dawn he can accomplish his yoga poses without being interrupted. He can trust that his meditation can carry on without the agitating need of someone tapping on his shoulders that he gets at home. He can trust that the morning swims he endures every day will prepare him for what the day lies ahead.

“Out of many, one people”, the island’s motto that even young Trent take to heart. For such an easygoing but yet reserved spirit, he sometimes feel the crushing weight of the world upon his broad shoulders. In Cherry Gardens, Kingston which is where the riches live, including Trent; he would venture out to meet the guys he befriended in the shantytowns. They once looked out for him when someone tried to run him out of town with a machete. Trent is indebted to them. They became like a second family to him. Another world, another life. None of that matters to Trent. He love them still, as well as they do to him.

Mangos. Oh how he love the sweet juicy taste. His favorite fruit. There is this middle-aged guy who sell varieties of fruit like mangos and coconuts, among Jamaican beef patties, jerk chicken, codfish, and oxtails that he smoked on an open pit in Port Antonio. Trent will help the guy sell and in exchange he only wants to be paid by receiving leftovers that he gives freely to the homeless.

From family gatherings to late nights in a dance hall, Trent knows how to live life to the fullest. His home, the island he traveled through every other week, gives him security, spiritual wellness, and tranquillity.


Well, there you have it. A small glimpse into the earlier life of Trent. You can read about the life, his relationship with a character, Paris (in my upcoming novel, Secrets Unveil in my upcoming novel, Secrets Unveil here.) Thanks for reading. 😀

©2016 Pamela E. Hester

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