No More Standing at a Crossroad


When I had first done this poem for myself and for whomever it may have spoken to, I was at an all time low. Writing this poem out has helped healed the wounds I once thought WAS healed. Reflecting back to this poem, I can truly say No More of being at that crossroads. No More of everything that’s not positive in my life.


Standing At a Crossroads

By: Pamela (kphoenix1) Hester

March 2015


I’m at a crossroads, wondering if I should stay or leave.

If I continued to stay, I’ll have to fight,

Fight for peace, acceptance, and for love.

If I leave, I will be at peace, in perfect harmony,

But, alone, yet submissive to my own needs and understanding.

I want to be understood, the need is strong, yet controllable.

People search their entire lives for love, while

I searched my entire life trying to find myself.

I look left where my insecurities reminds me,

That I haven’t yet fully grown spiritually.

I look right where my values and goals reminds me,

Of the important factors I’m supposed to live by,

To be my guide in decision-making in complex situations.

I look backward where dark, troublesome days lives,

Taunting me to go back to the days that held me hostage,

Of everything and everyone who brought on the negatively, immaturity, bitterness, the deep

Emotions I held on for far too long.

I look forward where possibilities and hopefulness lies,

I can see clearly the path I’m suppose to take.

The path where my wants and needs matter, and will be taken care of.

No more allowing others to dictate to me with negatively,

No more feeling weak with longing to put my life in my perspective,

No more going back to what doesn’t put my best interest at heart,

No more.

©2015 Pamela E. Hester

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