Writing Challenge (Day 28) Phrase I Live By

I have struggled with being strong for the majority of my life. It took someone who I’ve heard stated in a comment once that being strong and staying strong while you are going through trials and tribulations, can be a greatest inspiration for someone else. I know that now. From battling a mental issue to problems after another, I’ve learned to be strong nevertheless.

We all have a story. I held mines inside afraid of being judged mentally and socially. Tell your story cause someone is listening. They may be or know a person who is going through the same thing you are. This is my favorite phrase for this challenge. I am and still learning to be strong.

Be strong through your pain, some one else may be going through the same.

Stay strong when you reach your break-through, you’re almost there.

Be strong when you tried everything you could, you’re not a failure.

Stay strong when you’re there, God not finish with you yet.

No matter what life throws at you, be strong and stay strong my dear. For I been there and still am.

Learning, yet still progressing.

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