Writing Challenge (Day 27) Wear Where?

The Thanksgiving holiday has passed and sadly I been ill the entire time, but I didn’t have much of a sad moment. Thank God! How did your holiday went? Still feeling stuff? I’m eating light, but today’s post isn’t about what I ate lately or about the past few days. It’s about my apparel today.

I didn’t wore anything to talk about- wait! I wore clothes just nothing spectacular to write home about. No picture sorry. I didn’t even took a peek to see what today’s challenge is about- I should have been prepared.

Anyway, I went job hunting today. Along with my purse and binder of resumés, certificates, and such; I wore a burgundy blouse, dark jeans, (which could have been a bit looser) and heels. No jewelry and my hair was styled into a bun. My hair ended up looking like a hot mess with it being windy while I waited for my ride to come back and picked me up.

I’m Team No Fashion for today. However I was feeling, I blasted my butt down to the employment agency and applied for various jobs. Most were office jobs so next time, I will be on point.

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