Writing Challenge (Day 21) Zodiac Sign- Does Mines Describes Me 

You guess it right- Aries. Am I proud about it? Let’s find out:

My zodiac sign is something that I have followed for years and still do. As I stated before, I’m interested in the planets and their alignments.

I’m later than I’m used to for posting today, since I’m under the weather. Sore throat, aching body and all. I want it to be over with, but all the lemon and honey tea in the world won’t make it go away fast enough.

Anyway, back to the subject at hand, my zodiac sign. First off, this daily challenges are getting more and more personal, but I chose to do it. It’s no big deal. Excuse me though, I’m a bit light-headed.

Aries. I noticed that when I tell most people my sign, they’re like, “oh boy!” They figured we Arians are bull-headed, can’t tell us nothing, short-tempered, and independent. That much is true.

But, does my sign describes me? Well, the strengths of an Aries are:

  • Independent
  • Generous
  • Optimistic
  • Courageous

Our weakness are:

  • Moodiness
  • Short-tempered
  • Self-involved
  • Impatient
  • Impulsive

I’m not that optimistic and I’m Not self-involved or impulsive.

Researching my sign online here, the site stated that Aries likes to be the center of attention. I hate being the center of attention. I like fading in the background, like, you wouldn’t know I’m even there. And in fact, I’m quiet. It said that Aries are loud, very talkative. I don’t know many who are.

We are listed as being spoiled, can’t get along with anyone. Neither qualities described me.

 To be short, I look out for friends, I may go days without talking to them, but will check on them from the background. I don’t get childish when I don’t get my way, yet I am moody at times. I am willing to take a gamble, follow dreams and goals. Yet, I will start any and everything but won’t finish them or have trouble finishing. I have a low tolerance for boredom and it is sometimes hard to find excitement in something if it doesn’t hold my attention.

So, there you have it, an Aries in a nutshell- the condensed version. Sometimes a person can judge another by their zodiac sign, race, or religion and thinks that how that person is without getting to know them for them. I am happy of me, not proud of a zodiac sign cause most times, it doesn’t describe everyone associated with that sign.

Even though, reading the site above, please don’t go by just that. I’m not perfect but I’m not a bad person either.

What are you thoughts? Are you an Aries? Or know one?


6 thoughts on “Writing Challenge (Day 21) Zodiac Sign- Does Mines Describes Me 

  1. I am always hard put to judge someone by their zodiac signs and as a matter of fact, I hardly bother with it. It may assist in helping to understand the person a bit better, but I make my decisions about people based on my interactions with them.

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  2. Great post and that’s true about discerning a person based on his or her sign. That’s precisely why I don’t follow them. For instance, as a Capricorn, I’m supposed to be optimistic, which I am, and driven by success and wealth, which I’m not. Also not power hungry, etc. that is often associated with my sign. My conviction is that people are who they are not based upon stars and constellations but choice. Choosing to be positive or negative, good or bad, godly or secular, giving or selfish, etc…it’s all about choices. Zodiac signs are just limitations, in my non expert opinion. Great read!

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