Writing Challenge (Day 19)-Fears


It can teach us a lesson. And, it can paralyze us if we allow it.

I prefer that we acknowledge our fears and learn from them.

In today’s writing challenge I want to share five fears of mine. Yes, I said five, and I had to go deep into the recesses of my brain to recalled them. As I collected them, I realized the weird, profound fears I’ve tried so hard to bank- in the dark. So, here go:

  • Future- I am afraid of the future. I fear not knowing what it may bring and if I will be prepare for it.
  • Rejection- Whenever I work up the nerve to send something off: letter, email, or an application, no matter how much effort I put into it I won’t send it. Rejection has been one of my major fears and it had a setback in my life. Sometimes, I can’t move forward because I’m afraid of someone rejecting me for a job or anything. I feel like it saves me the heartache.
  • Enclosed spaces- I am too afraid of being closed up in tight spaces. I don’t even want to think about it right now.
  • Public speaking- I fear this so much that I actually get choke up. The thing is I have a speech impairment. As a child I used to stutter. It was awful and I was teased a lot. I also speak  faster than I should. My childhood had consisted of speech therapy after another and more bullying. It had helped to the point I no longer stuttered but I now have a lazy tongue. Yeah, that’s the sad truth. So, public speaking is out of the question. No one would understand what I’m saying. Besides, I’m working on enunciating my words properly, slowly down when talking with my lazy tongue.
  • Love- Yes, I do fear it. If you have figured me out by reading my posts, then you may understand why. I really don’t want to dwell for you get the point. Love has given me many reasons why I should. Yet, I like to see love in others, I just fear love for myself.

this concludes today’s challenge. You have gotten a glance into my weirdness. Stay tuned for more. I can only imagine what’s next.

7 thoughts on “Writing Challenge (Day 19)-Fears

  1. Pamela, first off you speak beautifully in your writing. We all have our bits of fear but we must also rise as much as we can and do what we need to do and you are doing just that. Know that tomorrow lies not in your hands but with faith and hope he will make it beautiful.
    Good post!

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  2. Hey love, thank you for your openness in sharing your fears. Many of them I’ve been a slave to for a long time. Then something happened. I realized the vision I had for myself was greater than the fear that wanted to keep me bound. Now I can say that I’m no longer afraid, but not because of my effort but God’s grace.

    Yes, you’d have to be willing to be vulnerable, willing to experience humiliation, willing to have feelings crushed and doors slammed in your face but you press on because the need to fulfill your purpose is more intense than the power of bondage that is fear. You got this! With God, all things are possible! 💖🎉💖

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    1. Oh thank you so much for that Candace. I had seriously thought about quitting this. I’m happy for you for realizing the vision you had for yourself. Yes our fears can bound us but we have to overcome them like we are doing now.

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      1. Exactly! Listen within and see the vision that you hear in your spirit so you too can realize and walk in it. Keep persevering because there is purpose in this…and it’s beyond both of us 🙂

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