Three-Day Quote Challenge (Day 3)

I have struggled with insecurity all my life and even in my thirties, I still have this problem. Not so much so as before, but I like I mentioned the other day about flaws, I want to love myself, flaws and all.

With this quote challenge, much thanks to Dr. Meg at Dr. Meg- writes better than she dresses, I have learned many things.

But, before I go off topic, I want to stay on the subject at hand. If you’re an Instagram viewer more than a poster like myself, you can get a glimpse on the inside of someone’s world through their photos.

Although, and one had reminded me, Instagram isn’t real life. No one wakes up instantly doll up, gorgeous, or camera ready. I would bite my lip as I viewed in on their photos. Sometimes, I want to comment and say, “show me exactly how you look”.

Why do I even care anyway? I would compared my mundane life to theirs, thinking their life is much more better, more fun than mines. Then I realized, I don’t even like posing for the camera. I don’t wear makeup much cause half of the time, I sucked at applying it on. And, I don’t like being put on display. So, what’s my problem?

  My problem is that with there being more women existing in this world than men, I feel like I have to compete. Something I don’t think no woman should EVER have to do.
But, with me I’d compared myself over and over because in retrospect, I been let down. Every other guy would say you’re pretty or whatever, but turn around while you’re in a relationship together peeping the next woman. It left you wondering what do she have that I don’t have? Am I not good enough?

Wake up everyday whether you’re pleased with what you see in the mirror or not, and love the person looking back. Have confidence in yourself.

5 thoughts on “Three-Day Quote Challenge (Day 3)

    1. Thanks Jacqueline. Can you believe it that I actually cut out a lot of stuff? I wasn’t too clear with myself with how much to go with. So, I suppose I tried while holding my breath. Lol.

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  1. Oh Pamela! This post is so close to my heart! Everybody’s life looks better on social media! I took an Instagram break for a while because it made me so sad! Everybody’s having so much fun, right? All those beautiful selfies from my gorgeous friends, ugh! I don’t like the way I in photos even on a good day, so how could I possibly measure up? But at some point you realize that true beauty is the secret person of the heart. With maturity one realizes that’s the beauty that really counts! Thank you for this heartfelt post! Love, Meg!

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    1. Thank you for those words. And yes, it can be disheartening at times seeing those pics. But, you said it right, “true beauty is the secret person of the heart”. Beauty does comes from the inside. 💜

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