Writing Challenge (Day 16) My Day

I’ve never thought about sharing what I do in my entire day. It’s rather boring, in need of a change but no need to skip this challenge.

For a bullet list of what I do in a given day, per this continuation writing challenge, here goes:

  • Wake up my daughter to get her on the bus and out of my hair
  • Check emails, read blogs, write and edit
  • Takes shower, personal needs, eat breakfast
  • Do work around the house
  • Work, work, work
  • Make dinner
  • Get daughter from school
  • Help her with homework
  • Bath time
  • Mommy and daughter time
  • Put daughter to bed
  • Me time which consists of more writing, watching television, meditation
  • Prepare myself for bed

And the next day I will do it all over again. My days are different on the weekends. More boring stuff, except when I’m reading blogs and writing. I don’t do much. I don’t go out clubbing, and I hate my life. So there you have it, my bullet day. I sincerely apologize for boring you all. 🙂

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