Writing Challenge (Day 14) Life In Seven Years

It has been two weeks since I’ve started this challenge. And, I must say that I am proud of myself. When I was doing a 90-day challenge this year to complete my novel, which I had, it was almost like torture. The good kind I must say. I love to write and it brings me joy. I can live my life doing what I love everyday which brings me to today’s challenge:

Where do I see myself in seven years?

I see myself being a bestselling author and hopefully, collaborating with other authors too. Yes, I would like to see my name on books I had brought to life, but it’s no fun doing it alone sometimes.Like that saying goes, “Share the wealth with those who has helped you along the way.” I don’t want to be famous, I just want my writing to inspire someone, to have them fall in love with my characters, and be erotic. Yes, I said that, yet in a tasteful way.

Reaching out to aid people in any way I can have always been one of my goals in life. We all can be of help to someone, especially a person who needs it. Within the next seven years, I want to go as far as God allows me to and be an advocate for another.

Marriage? One may hope. I really don’t see it though, but it will be wonderful being a wife. I think. Before I do, I want to work on becoming a better me. Do what makes me happy, live closely to how I have always dream.

I really can’t elaborate much on how my life will be like in seven years, and this is only the condensed version, but I can believe. I’m hoping everything I tried and work hard for pays off.

5 thoughts on “Writing Challenge (Day 14) Life In Seven Years

  1. kandake85

    Awesome read…I see you achieving everything you endeavor as long as fear never cripples you. You are remarkable and with God leading you, I see no reason why your goals can’t be accomplished 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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