Writing Challenge (Day 13) Commute

I rarely commute unless its to go places like the supermarket or to my daughters school. I don’t get out as much and it’s not by choice.

For todays challenge on how I commute either to school or work, I’ve done everything mostly from home. I had finished medical school this year, received a degree in medical coding, and finished it from home. I took it up before years ago in another state but in a physical classroom.

I had decided to get my degree online this year, although the school is less than twenty minutes away from my home, because child care is usually a problem. I wasn’t and didn’t wanted to make any excuses on why I couldn’t complete my studies. I was able to take care of my daughter, getting her on and off the bus, cook, that sort of thing, while being home online studying.

Long story short, I received my certification in medical coding and look forward in the future to go to school for something else. I had a job, a government job, which required me to catch a cab or bus to and from work.


Problem was, a trusted family member wasnt keeping watch of my daughter while I worked a second shift job. It ticked me off, because everyone who knew me knew I needed that job. It was my ticket out of the situation I’m in. Anyway, I had many interviews lately with two promising ones (crossing fingers) for a first shift job. My daughter will be able to be in a after-school program that stays opened until I’m off for work. Nowadays, you really can’t leave your child with just anyone.

So, my commute as of now is getting my daughter on and off the bus or taking her to school, working from home, (stay-at-home mom, writing and blogging), and whatever else I’m to do.  Which will change once I’m hired on with an employer.

There you have it, dear ones, my commute. Thanks for reading.

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