Instagram Moments On Monday- Alexander Masson


I’m doing something different today, mixing it up so to speak. I’m sharing/reposting a photo of the person behind the Instagram “moment” I chose for today.

Today moment goes to none other than the handsomest model, Alexander Masson. When I gaze at the first photo, I can’t stop viewing it. It’s captivating. Magnificent. But, this guy appears quiet across social media. I don’t see or hear much out of him which is fine, he doesn’t draw a lot of attention to himself by making “noise”. He allows his photos to speak loud and clear for him. Adore him!

The second photo was going to be my main and only one posted for this Instagram moment. The top is a bonus.

You can come across many posts anywhere online, but if the person posting it isn’t grabbing anyone attention in a motivational way I feel like it’s a waste of time. I want to see more than just a gorgeous face from both genders at some point.

Although, looking like a goddess or a fantasy love is great in all, what more are they doing? Are they inspiring anyone to achieve, conquer, and not to give up? If they are not doing much to inspire or anything of that nature, than in my opinion I won’t bother with them.

S/o to this guy- Alexander Masson! You can click or tap the photos to view his Instagram.

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