Writing Challenge (Day 12) Phrases 

Phrases. Hmm… We all have said them, heard them, and lived by them. But, for today’s writing challenge, it’s the phrases that makes me laugh.O-kay.

Whenever someone tells me “dream it”, “wish it”, “you can do it “; I laugh. Not like I would if I was at a comedy show, but laugh cause it’s darn right impossible. There are times in life when we say things without looking at the entire picture. “You can do this!” Can I really? Can they really? How do one know what a person can do or not. Ha!

We all have dreams and yes, some people are able to live out their dreams. Some can’t. I would rather hear someone say, “Put your mind to whatever you want to do”, instead of, “You can have whatever you want in life.” No I can’t. That’s impossible.

These phrases blows me away sometimes. Mostly because people will say anything when they are in the moment, yet given another go and they’ll look dumbfounded when you ask them if they meant it.

“I love you”. “I will never hurt you.” Haha! I’ve had heard those words coming out of mouths of the ones that don’t really mean them. Why lie? If it’s true, show it and not just say it. Nowadays, we need more actions than words being spoken. We need to see that we are being love, care for, treated with respect, and dignified.

I laugh not to be unkind, but take what being said to heart. Like that saying goes, “I know a joke when I hear one”. I don’t say anything just to have something to say. I mean what I say and say what I mean. In which I’m getting better at everyday.

I know deep down that some people don’t mean any harm and they only want the best for you. Like, there’s a difference between constructive criticism and just plain being mean.

Take phrases serious if possible and love always. 💜

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