Writing Challenge (Day 11) Relationship Status

For todays writing challenge (Day 11), I’m yet to expose myself more and more everyday and share it with the world. I am to write about my current relationship status, whether in a relationship or single.

This post is two posts (of a previous post) merged into one. Since, I can not simply speak on my current status, (too overwhelming) I’m just going to lightly scratch the surface.

Most take a relationship for a joke, after they feel like they have “gotten” you; and take what was meant to be beautiful for granted.  I hate to see ones who want and try so hard to keep a relationship going while the other is merely slacking off. Some get into a relationship or marriage with false pretenses leaving the other to believe what the heck happened.

I’m sorry. I have to leave this one here. Just too emotional to write about. Please feel free to share what being in a relationship means to you, or anything else you feel fit. Thank you for reading.



Above photo are merely tips and explains everything on how one could keep a relationship going. I, for one called them advice. I can tell you it is not easy keeping a relationship going, especially if one of you falls into a pattern; or get a little too comfortable. It’s easy to start off doing all the right things in the beginning, but what happens months later? Years later? We have to do everything in our power to make a relationship/marriage work. And, that is if you are willing to make it work.

coming together

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