Writing Challenge (Day 10) Ugh…Mangos 

I don’t understand why but this fruit doesn’t appeal to me. In fact, it’s one of the few fruits that if placed in front of me, I will knock it to the floor. Okay okay. So I won’t go do the extreme, but I will politely decline. So, if you would to ever invite me over to your house, please don’t offer mangos to me. I’ll eat anything else, except that.

Every since I placed a slice of mango in my mouth, my body froze. My eyes bugged out. Yuck! The taste is horrible. It has this sour, acid-like taste to it. I’m not quite sure if I had it pass its time or what. I couldn’t get off my tongue fast enough. What an acquired taste! After drinking water to washed away the terrible taste, it didn’t want to go away. It remained with me, like I was the Chosen One. Never again will I try it.

In response to Day 10 writing challenge on a fruit I don’t like.

What fruit do you dislike?

8 thoughts on “Writing Challenge (Day 10) Ugh…Mangos 

  1. kandake85

    Now you know my disdain towards cantaloupe! Mangos are yummy, but my hubby hates them too…I guess I’m the oddball–again. 🙂 Great post as always!

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  2. Actually mangoes in the US are not sweet because they are not naturally ripened. Mangoes from West Africa are so sweet because they leave them to ripen on the tree and eat it directly. I love mangoes and never enjoyed eating those in the States.

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      1. Hmm! It’s almost very hard to find sweet mangoes in the US because they import them and usually for such fruits, they are harvested unripe so that they don’t spoil before getting to the consumer. I hope you get to see good ones some day.

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      2. Yeah, but just for that “another go” at it, I will leave the country for them. Lol. I heard a lot of people in love with the fruit, which makes me more curious.

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