Writing Challenge (Day 7) Any Tattoos?

I don’t have one tattoo to speak of. Do I want one? Not at all. I was never the type to inked my body, heck, I don’t care for piercings unless it’s my ears.

So, once again I’m back at it loves. Today’s writing challenge (Day 7) is to talk about any tattoos I may have and what they mean. Since, I don’t have not an inch of it, I do love seeing tattoos on people. I love art: on paper, walls, other things, and on people.

What gets me is the tattoos of symbols on people that they have no idea what it means. I asked many people what their tattoo symbolize and they would say, “I don’t know, something in Chinese I think.” I love symbols as well and is currently studying runes.

If I would ever get a tattoo, but won’t, it would be symbols that speaks to my soul or something spiritual.

Well, there you have it. A whole week have went by of this challenge. Whew!

Share your thoughts with us?

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