Writing Challenge (Day 5) A Place I Would Like to Live…


The Devon House
The Devon House

For Day 5 in this writing challenge, I am to write about a place I want to to live but never visit. Ahh, the  Caribbean island. The tropical atmosphere, the people, blue-green  waters, you name it.

There’s something relaxing and serene about staring off into the ocean. To me, it’s like a detoxification for the soul. People spoke on the calmness they would  feel while vacationing there. Every single one mentioned they would stay if they could.

I, myself just want to put on a bikini (with a sarong), sip something with less alcohol, and let the gentle breeze take my mind away. But not exactly, I may need it for later time. Never been a party animal, but I love to dance. They have parties that last all night into the wee hours in the mornings.

A previous post I’ve recently blogged about was dedicated to a male character of mines named Trenton Devereaux. You can read it here.

Below are pictures that piqued my interest. It is truly a beautiful place to be, to live. Oh, did I mentioned the men are unbelievable! (I fought with myself to upload pictures of them. Next time.)


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