Finish Line: Novel Completed

Whew! Back on July 13, 2015, I started the rewrite on my novel, Secrets Unveil This was for a 90-day challenge for a writer’s group by my favorite author, Mary B. Morrison.

I am so thrilled for that motivation, the determination to finished a novel I started several years ago. It has been challenging, especially when you have everyday life issues jumping in the way. Nevertheless, I did it and I’m proud! Yay!

I’m planning on taking a week away then go back for the editing stage before I consider sending it off to a professional editor. I really can use a second pair of eyes. Later on, I’m writing a sequel to Secrets Unveil; I fell in love with my characters and don’t want to stop telling their stories. They won’t stop “talking” anyway. LoL! You can read about them here.

When you want to do something that you have always wanted to do, do NOT let anyone persuade you not to. You are the captain of your ship. It’s your life. Preserve on.

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