Be Confident With Yourself 

Demi Lovato Poses Nude, Makeup-Free to Celebrate Confidence

♥️Dedicated to my 100th blog post.

When I came across this article on Klout, after hearing a segment on television, I’m the type of person who likes to hear it from the horse’s mouth. After watching her video, I felt inspired; not for the being nude part, but the fact she is finally loving the body she’s in.

You have to click on the link below to watch her video on why she decided to go down this route for this photo shoot.

A lot of us may or may not have been through this, or perhaps something similar. I remembered back in the day as a young girl how thin I were. I would get teased horribly. The body I was in, I hated it. Eating more didn’t helped cause my metabolism was so high. As time went by, my breasts grew before my body did and attracted the wrong attention.

When the State took my siblings and me away and had us living with our cousin who didn’t quite wanted us, she would often made me feel ugly and body-shamed. Still, no matter what, I hated myself.

Even though I gained weight it wasn’t much until I had a baby and BAM!- all the weight came at once. I also suffered from mental illness, not from gaining weight although it’s becoming too much. I’m in the 100s, but I’m 5’3 and complaining. I guess because it’s all in my midsection.

Nevertheless while battling my depression, I’m coming to terms to love myself and work on the flaws.

The monster in the mirror no longer exists. Love yourself. Be confident.

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