Write On, Someone Wants To Read It

The Writers Circle

I haven’t had the chance to interviewed a fellow writer, blogger, or author to get their take on this quote. A lot of us, I’m sure, may have been through this before, including me.

I do would like to know from anyone who went through this, how were you able to overcome it? What advice can you give to the ones who may be suffering and fighting their way through?

I believe, if you can, ignore that nasty, mean voice that taunt you daily that you cannot write your story. Or, that poem, memoir, and even that post in your blog. Oftentimes, we hold ourselves back because we are afraid that whatever we are writing aren’t good enough. We would tell ourselves, “Who would read this?” Someone out there wants to read your story. May it be fiction or nonfiction, they can relate to your appealing story in some way.

So I say to you, write to your heart content. Birth that wonderful story of yours and introduce it to the world.

Share your thoughts with us?

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