Keep Calm, She’s Writing

Sometimes when I go ghost on someone is not because they had done something bad to me, I’m simply trying to stay balanced with everything I have going on.

At times, when you have a project to do, and with a deadline attached, some doesn’t or won’t understand how much it means to you. I know for others it took a lot of effort, hard work, and dedication to get to where they are today. Some even had to cut some people off.

Recently, a female even unfriended me whom I have always been cordial to. She wants to be a writer also, and I started to noticed that everything I was posting from WordPress, she’d copied. The content was changed and anything else I would do wherever from the internet, she would copycat. I made a post on Facebook about it (not mentioning her name), and before I known it, she unfriended me. Oh well.

I won’t repeat myself on how I got to the point I am now, and still pushing to strive for my previous posts said it all for me. Heated arguments, losing people, what will that bring you down the line? Being a people pleaser, and putting your dreams on hold for someone who can care less will NOT get you far in life. You have to help yourself as well. Trust me I know. From this point on, if you have not already, start your day, your life off to where YOU want it to be.  It’s your life and only you can live it. You only have one, make great use of it.

2 thoughts on “Keep Calm, She’s Writing

  1. Joules Nightmare

    So true! Not everyone wants what’s best for you. How many people did you lose on your way? Does it feel good or do you think there could have been any other way?

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    1. Someone will be down if they’re benefitting or go real; and there’s some who just can’t stand it. As long as you’re not doing anything or anything better, they’re good. It’s never a good feeling. Why can’t everyone help someone. Is what I always say.

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