Life Learned Lesson

It was the year 2008 when I took that risk that changed my life to the point that looking back, I can truly say life is an excellent teacher.


I didn’t want to do it, i mean, I barely knew what i was doing. I had once spent my life afraid of taking risks, allowing others to make a decision that I didn’t partake on.

I once traveled by bus to meet him, never rode on a Greyhound neither alone or with someone before. The ride was an experience but I was afraid to let my eyes drift for that seven hours ride. It was only seven anyway and I’m the type of person who will and once had stayed up nearly 30 hours. (Another story, another day)

Once I came to my designated stop, I slowly reached for my bags and turned to searched for him. I couldn’t see him at first, but he was there hiding in plain sight. Why was he hiding? I was wondering. We had only talked on the phone after meeting one another on a dating site- if I’m not mistaken, didn’t quite say “dating” on the site though. I also wasn’t too eager before the trip to meet him.

When he saw me first- I appeared the way I looked online then, so he immediately knew it was me. But, I didn’t recognized him. Who is this person? So, I tried not to frown up in front of him, didn’t want to hurt any feelings. But, the whole description of him from online was WAY off. Instead of a guy who said he was twelve years older than me was actually thirty years older! More and more of what I thought I was getting was the total opposite.

It never worked out and thinking back I’m glad. Turned out he was a crazed, deranged stalker who was married. I never been in that type of danger and it gave me a new outlook on life. “Hard to trust on the internet” and/or put trust in someone’s words. I was young then, and now that I’m older I can make better, well thought-out decisions. But, I’ve learned.

I met my child’s father in that city a few months later, which was too quick and gotten pregnant just as quick. Her father turned out to be somewhat not what I thought either. Even though I met him in person through a mutual friend, he went from one way that attracted me to him, to me making what I believed another damn mistake. (Excuse my language.) I don’t regret having my daughter though. That’s the only good thing. I’m not even going to complain of all the sacrifices and horrible stuff I endured since then. It made me who I am today, which I turned into a hardened-hearted person then to someone accepting what life thrown at me and make better use of it. You only live once.

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