When You Know You’re a Writer

There’s nothing else you would rather be, but be a writer.  It’s something you have always wanted to be. You live, breathe, heck you can even write and come up with characters in your sleep.

When I found that link on Facebook, I was hoping for some great information. And I was impressed. It was right on point, but only listed three signs.

3 signs that you may be a writer and 3 that you are not, describes what being a writer is all about. I can say the signs does describes me to a tee.

When I was a child and up to the age I am now, folks would have thought I was weird. I would talk about my characters as if they are real people, but they’re real to me. Or, always keeping a pen and a notebook handy to record my thoughts even I’m away from home. I love people watching. At times I can’t sleep because ideas come to me, characters are “talking”; and when you’re on a roll, nothing can stop you.

Then it’s the  signs you dread- if you’re not that is; and it’s the rejection stage. You worked hard on your writing and someone tells you it’s not good enough. I believes it helps build your character-I would sucked at this. But, you get better. I’m not there yet, the stage where I’m ready to submit my writing.

But, when I do I want to be prepare. Stay inspired and keep writing.

Check out the link below and share your thoughts on the subject. If you have your own advice you would like to share, please do. Thanks. 😀

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