One Month To Finish- Secrets Unveil  

Two months ago I had started my Mary B. Morrisson’s 90-day writer’s challenge. It has been a joy being in her group and I am at awe. The experience is fulfilling, a dream come true.

On my previous posts, I’ve talked about the challenge and my novel I’m writing called, Secrets Unveil. Writing this urban fiction/erotica novel, even though it’s been 9 years in the making and with this rewrite of the same characters, the passion and dedication and hard work persevered.

In this novel, the main female character, Paris is torn between two best friends. Although, she loves one, her heart belongs to another, Trent. Paris is a college student majoring in nursing. She’s ambitious, bit of a introvert, and open-minded. When her best friend snags Trent before Paris can say Rumperstiltskin, her best friend is pregnant by him.

Trent is also a college student who comes from a wealthy family from Jamaica. He’s attractive, muscular build, a lover at heart. Nothing stands in his way to what he fights for as is his undying love for Paris.

Trent’s heart is with Paris as well. She’s his soul mate. He will do anything for her. They click on a level that no one can understand. They have this dignified bond to a point where they aren’t ashamed of their love. With his baby mama (Paris’ friend) constantly in his pockets and treating him like he’s nothing more than a meal ticket, it only pushes Trent closer to Paris who only wants him for him.

As time goes on for Paris and Trent, she meets a new female friend who turns out to be major trouble. Drugs, sex, extortion, a whole new world finds Paris. But, when she is brutally attack by a gang, Trent gets revenge. Their love for each other is being tested. How far will Trent go to get vengeance for his beloved?

All the characters harbor their own secrets. But can one tell and/or keep one from one another?

I’m still on this challenging journey and still feeling my way around with this story. What do you think? I accept all constructive criticism.  Thanks😀

4 thoughts on “One Month To Finish- Secrets Unveil  

    1. Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t say. They was at a party, when Paris went to leave for something, Stephanie went over to scoop him up. I guess that saying goes, “you snooze, you loose”.


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