A Mother’s Love 

Today’s prompt I’ve chosen for Day 3 assignment is Love. Oh yes! Love is beautiful and oh so special. When I think about love, I see a spiritual energy that is warm and what holds us close to the one we love. I can’t say I felt love from guys I dated in the past or even now. But, I can say I felt love when the nurses placed my 7 lbs, 8 oz, 22 inches daughter in my arms after giving birth after being in labor for only about 5 hours. Yes, five hours! Not long at all. Holding her in my arms a little over six years ago and after getting over the shock of being a first time mom to a healthy, beautiful girl, my heart soared.


The first look she gave me was breath-taking. My little Shelley. When I became a new mom, I was lost, confused, and  didn’t knew what I was doing half the time. I also didn’t have much help or advice even when I had asked for it. It was overwhelming at times and still is, but I had to sucked it up and prepared myself for the next 18 years.

The sound of your child’s cries because she misses your face and wanted to be held, especially when you are feeling blue reminds me that my problems are bigger than me. Someone needs me. At times I felt the only love I would get is from my daughter. As the years went by, I realized the struggle, the pain of wondering why nothing is going right in my life, or why I have a child and still trying hard to give her a decent living. A “I love you, mommy.” makes everything worthwhile or when she needs me, I dropped everything cause only she matters and anything else can wait.

Love is so sweet and precious. The love between a parent and a child is a very special bond. You will go to Hell and back for your child. On a dark, gloomy day, a smile from your child is like a ray of sunshine. It makes you smile and warms your heart. Love is never to be taken for granted.  Whatever love you may feel for or get from any other individual should be real, true, and unconditional.

Now my Shelley thinks she’s my mother! LOL!

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