Being Faithful

When you’re faithful you fall deeper in love every day. A lot of relationships fail because some people refuse to give 100% of their heart. You can’t have a lifetime covenant with a part-time commitment.

—Tony Gaskins

I absolutely love to read quotes as such as this by Tony Gaskins. Most of us feared to give 100% of ourselves because of being hurt or being “played”.  For most of us had been to the point where every relationship seem to failed and we are left asking ourselves, ” Why?”

“Why am I going through this? I tried my best to be the best person I’m supposed to be, in a relationship. Is there something I could have done differently?”

I, myself, had been in crazy, difficult predicaments where I didn’t know if it was me or the other person, or both. You’re loyal, committed, determined, faithful, you name it, and can still be taken for granted. Could it be that you love too much, too hard? Or, is it that that person can’t see your worth until it’s too late.

You wake up every morning, thanks to the Lord, and wonder what will the day brings. But, I have to tell you, you are in control of your life and which direction it goes. If you believe you’re going to have a Hell on earth type of day, trust me, you are going to have it. If you wake up and believe that no matter what, you are going to make the best of your day and detour around the negatives, your day shall be full of light.

Some people get into a relationship because they don’t want to be alone (or be lonely), but they are not quite fully ready for something so serious. And, if they aren’t fully ready, they are not fully committed, which will only cause problems down the line.

Tony Gaskins said it right, you can’t have a lifetime covenant with a part-time commitment. They just doesn’t go hand in hand. If you are the one who aren’t committed, be man or woman enough to tell your significant other that you are not ready, before a disaster happens. It’s okay to make a stand until you are able to figure out what’s your deal is and work on it, as a single person. Work on yourself inside and out till you can say, “I am ready.” Hopefully that person is still waiting, but not everyone can wait forever. wpid-relationship-love-quotes-009.jpg

If you are with someone who has these issues, maybe they are afraid of coming forward and you might have to tell them, “Hey, we need to talk.” Whatever works for you for either end, make that effort. Everything will be okay if you allow it to. Light and love.

Until we meet again,


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