When Loneliness Strikes


Feeling lonely in your relationship is by far the saddest and depressing thing to go through. After reading a blog by Dr. Leslie, I asked myself, what’s the point in being in a relationship when you feel lonely or even ignored. There are too many good people out there who are going through this matter and can’t find their way out. Life is tough. Relationship is tough, but both parties have to do their part to make it work, or call it quits.

I, myself had been lonely in and out of a relationship, but had found it better to just be alone. But, to each person is different. Dr. Leslie have a break down on what a couple should do whether to try to work things out or not.


When love hurts , it put many of us in a sense of despair, where loneliness can find its way home. Some of us may find ourselves doing something immoral, like cheating or drinking. There is help out there that can help you through this no matter which decision you make.

The first link above is by Leslie Becker-Phelps, PhD at WebMD. I frequent there from time to time in the past about issues I was dealing with, and sometimes still.
What do you all think?

Click on the link to read what Dr. Leslie has to say on loneliness in a relationship.

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