When the Past is Revisited

Caution: This is a serious matter when it comes two very grown adults playing mind games.


Have you ever been a relationship just to realize sometime down the road that the person you’re with are taking you for granted? Playing mind games, taking their frustrations out on you? Or, playing tug-a-war with your heart?

I know what that is like, have experienced it for some time now. But, one thing that doesn’t sit quite well with me is the fact that the person you’re with needs help getting over their past- from another relationship! How crazy is that? Never in a million years I thought I had to play therapist in a relationship. It’s a maddening and troubling journey.

Someone once told me that if a person talks (vents) about a past with another mate, then they are not over that person or the situation they had with them. I’d spoke about baggage being brought in a relationship before (see Getting Over A Breakup ) and it gave me plenty of insights on what needs to be done and soon. A person can’t keep going on sane in this type of relationship. It will break you down, if you let it, and make you distrusting about a future with them if you decides to stay, or in the future with another.

That person who have an difficult time leaving the past in the past have to see a licensed therapist or someone, (like a relative or a friend) other than you to work through their problems. The past is the past. It is never a good thing to bring so much baggage, especially from another relationship into a new one. It will only create more problems with the new one.

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Tell me, have this ever happen to you can or had you done this to another? How did you went about it? What was the outcome? Please feel free to comment below to tell me your thoughts on this.

“Have a relationship as an enhancement to your life, not as a solution to your life.”
—Dr. E

Until we meet again,


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