Who am I and Why I am Here

I am the kind of person who believes in paying it forward, but in this case; sharing knowledge on similar subjects and life experiences. Life is our biggest teacher.

I first started writing over fifteen years with short stories, even while I was in middle school! Never got them published maybe because I was so young and didn’t want the exposure. Or, maybe I was extremely shy and hold so much emotion.

Now, I created my blog, with 3 years in the making, to give guidance and inspire others that there is light at the end of a dark, cold tunnel. And, your life is only what you make of it. You control your own life not someone else.
K. Phoenix talks about relationships, love, sex, and gives inspirations to others. It’s educational, funny, relaxed, and inspiring.

My mission for this year, for my blog, is to reach out to not only my current followers/ subscribers but to many people who can benefit from the topics of my blog. Feel free to drop by anytime to leave a comment or two or email me.

Until we meet again,


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