Happy Valentine’s Day!

valentine's day

Today is the day of love, romance, and exchanging gifts. Although, for the latter, this special day means more than exchanging gifts. Valentine’s Day is the day to come together in peace and harmony, doing something special for someone. It can be anyone. It’s the day to JUST show love. An act of kindness, if I might add. The day to share love and to celebrate it.

Let’s start with romance. Okay, you give/receive the teddy bears, flowers, cards, or candy, but what does all that really entails? You can do all of that on any day of the year. But, Valentine’s Day is a celebrated day when you can express all that you have and now onto your love. Something as wonderful as a candlelit dinner, a bubble bath together, or making passionate love. The latter is obvious, of course.

Simple things matters the most when it comes from the heart. Like when you were a kid and you handmade a card for your mom on any occasions, and just seeing the joyous look on her face just brightens up your day.

couple in love


So, spread love. Be joyous. Stay happy. Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Until we meet again,


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