This Year, Let’s…

So, a whole month and a half has went by for 2015 and I am making it about me. I had spent the majority of my life allowing other people to orchestrated how my life should go. I was unhappy, lost, and felt like my life wasn’t going nowhere how I’d envisioned it.

When you had been beat down, degraded and to the point of no return, STOP!

Stop whatever you are doing. You may believe that there is no other way but down, but tell yourself this,

“I am someone special. I deserve nothing but the best and will accept nothing less. I am___” Or you can choose something of your own choosing. Just always keep in mind that you don’t deserve to be treated badly.

Let’s start with this year, (or if you had already started on your journey; way to go!, just reach out to someone who lost their way), and become a new you, a new and approved you.
Let 2015 be the year that you say, “F*** it! This is my year for a better change.”

I am going to take this journey and work on me. I didn’t start a blog just for someone to tell me I can’t succeed. I didn’t write my novel Secrets Unveil just to stash it somewhere, afraid to move forward on what others may think. It may be unpublished at the moment, but I’m determined to bypass what negatives come my way.

This year, let’s become a whole new person despite what others may think and say. Whatever it is you want to do in life, any dreams you want to see come through, push until something happens.

I will share any insights, tips, my own advice and journey as we go about this year. Much success and love to you all. Good luck.

Until we meet again,
Pamela 🌹

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