Playing Wifey in a Non Married Relationship- Part. 1


We all may have been there. Being in a relationship, living together like you’re married.
The one thing I dislike about that is the fact it gives the other person the okay to act like they are single. For most. While others demand of you to do this and that, carrying on like two married couples.
Now, how can two people who claim to love one another, be there for one another, and then live together for years and not be married. I personally believe if you live together, have children then you should be married. But, part of me believe that you should live apart until ready to say those vows.
No one, that I know of, wants to be a wife or husband in a non married relationship. They rather have the real thing and live in honor and in truth. It’s even honorable to God.

How long can you live together as married until you realize it is time to tie that knot?

I know for a fact that it doesn’t take years and years. You either know this person is who you are meant to spend the rest of your life with or not. You also don’t play mind games. (And I’m talking only to the ones that does this.)

Ladies, we as women have to draw a line somewhere. You can be the cook, housekeeper, chauffeur, mother, and lover with a little more titles living with a man for over five odd years and not be in a monogamous marriage.
I’m not downing the men either because they are some men who want to settle down and feel like they found the right woman, but she isn’t ready for marriage.
Can you see yourself in that type of relationship for years to come- a non-marriage one? Don’t fool yourself. Don’t kid yourself into believing that this person who promise to love you and treat you like a queen that he will put a ring on it.
You should also not jump head first into marriage, because for some are headed down to divorce court. Take it from me, although had never married yet, know this person for years and still feel like things won’t change. And a future with is only non-existence like Santa Clause.

If a man want you to play a role of a wife, look at your bare left ring finger and say, “Not until we say I Do”.

Look forward to part 2 coming soon.

Until we meet again,

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