A Sexier You

woman relaxing

Sit back and relax…it has been a long day.

Now, we all are humans. I hope. (Smiles) We are all adults,  so why are some of us are squeamish when it comes to being open-minded to new things? Whether you are in a relationship, married, or have a partner, we all know, old routines no longer work after a certain time. It’s like when you first get into a relationship, (or at first, dating) you do the usual routine, like for instance: spending long hours talking on the phone, thinking only of that person all day, going on dates, skipping, (lol) etc. After the newness wears off, you and your person become comfortable around one another. Too comfortable.

It’s to the point where you’re letting yourself go, or the other person letting his or herself go. Or, you find yourself picking up behind that person. Please, don’t do that. You should never get too “comfortable” to the point where you stop getting your hair done, cutting your hair, getting your nails done, you get the picture. No matter where you are in the social status, hopefully before you get marry, you should always make sure you are looking your best.

Now, I’m not saying (women and men) that you should sit in the house dress like you’re going out to a gala or  somewhere extravagant. Just don’t break out into old habits. Being sexy means more than wearing skimpy clothes, women, and walking around with your abs on blast, men. Being sexy means taking the time out to keep up with your appearance. Whatever you were doing in the beginning for that person to be appealing, don’t stop. You do not want your partner to direct his or her attention at the next person because he or she like what they see.

Here are some tips you can use to stay that sexier you:

  • Be you. Don’t be like no other person but you. There’s nothing sexier than a person you are now. Accept who you are first; don;t expect someone to when you don’t.
  • Hygiene matters to the bone.
  • Wear clothes that compliment you. You should never wear clothes that doesn’t agree with you. It will throw your appearance far off.
  • As stated earlier, DO NOT stop looking your very best. That what makes you, you. From your hair to your shoes, your sense of style and appearance can go a long way.
  • Buy sexy lingerie for yourself, women. Men, it’s okay to buy your lady lingerie also. You may get a show of your life!
  • Take a candlelit bubble bath soaking in invigorating oils. Be stress free. No one wants to walk around all day looking tired and wash-out. Take the time to re-energize an invigorate yourself.

You don’t have to go around looking like the people on those reality shows,  like The Real Housewives of…  Even they have an off day. Be you.  Be happy. Be true.

relaxing by the tub

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