Loyalty and Faithfulness


Let’s talk about loyalty in a relationship/marriage. When is it okay to defile what is so wonderful that you stood before all and exchange vows?
Let’s start with a relationship since that comes before marriage , of course.
When two people decide to enter  a relationship, you are supposedly to be for and do the best you can for the other. I have been in and seen folks who claim to be in a relationship to defile what was to be a wonderful thing. Do you believe that, for instance, a man to lust after another woman while being for another just because he’s a man? And, for a woman to show off the goods in attempt to showcase herself?
For one, I have witness men having a woman at home but chase what’s out there in the streets. They will say, “I want a good woman who is this, this, and this.” And he will actually gets that- maybe not exactly; but no one gets everything they want. Those same men goes sniffing up another skirt and hopes of a good lay, because their good woman at home is too tired after going to work, cleaning, cooking, taking care of the children, and what not. Her energy is spent but not spent on him. You get what you ask for.

Women, we are smarter, but some of us are being taken advantage of. We do everything we are supposed to and it’s still not enough, dealing with a whiny, babied man who can’t decipher the truth from a lie; and letting the past stay where it is and live for the present. Some men been through a lot, but when is enough is enough to let stuff go that a previous lover had done to you? And women, you too.

If you don’t have loyalty and faithfulness then you don’t have anything. That’s even worse than not having communication and love with no respect.

While other women have guys eating out of the palm of their hands. They don’t want for nothing and they know how to use their power to get what they want and sometimes manipulate.

My theory is if you know you’re a cheater, liar, or out there stealing hearts, please stay out of a relationship. Don’t get marry. Don’t bring drama and over excessive baggage that can accommodate 12 people and expect to enter into something healthy. It will only end into a traumatic disaster for the both of you. Stay true.


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