Getting Over a Break-up

How to Get Over a Breakup –

Do not get into a relationship still holding on to the past.  Has that happened to you? Have you ever done it? It seems like that occur more and more each day.  People are getting into these relationship still obsessed over their ex. Whether their past relationships were good or not, it’s not healthy for them to hold on. If the person wants to pursue a relationship they’re suppose to find closure from the past. That way no drama won’t complicate their current partnership. But,  some of us,  the ones that are holding on, won’t let go. Refuse to let go.  Why is that? It’s simple, no closure been introduced.

So, I have went on Oprah Winfrey‘s online magazine and saw an article about how you can get over a break-up.  It has a list of things to do to get over any bad break-up.  Some of us can get  over a break-up with no problem because we anticipated it long ago. But, what about when you are in a relationship with someone who haven’t gotten over an ex? What do you do then?

Every waken moment of your life you feel like you have to deal with this person’s issues. They can not seem to make up their mind whether they consider being with you. Everything, from a magazine in an article to a commercial on television, seems to trigger something that reminded that person of their ex and they babbled continually about how wronged their ex had done them.  You’re left slapping your hand against your forehead in frustration, because you love this person, or so you thought, and they’re ruining the lovely moment you created for the two of you. No matter how you “tried” to help him/her, you feel your relationship slowly fading away. You then feel like it’s not your job to help them get over an ex. It’s draining

My advice is to communicate with this person to tell them how you feel. Perhaps therapy will work out for you two. If that doesn’t work or your lover refused, then it’s best to get out of that relationship so this person can find closure. Your relationship will end  if neither understand that a healthy relationship is the best way to go.

***So, the ones who are trying to get over a previous break up, click on the link on Oprah’s website. I find it very useful and will heal any heartache. Don’t jump into anything with previous relationship baggage. It will only make matters worse and you will regret it deeply. Take care.

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