A Toast to All Women

Women, let’s toast to just being women!

We, women are God-gifts to the world. Without us, this world would fall apart. Let’s poured us a glass of our favorite wine and sit back and have a moment to relax and breathe.

Men want us to be this and be that. But, what are they going to be for us? Why do they expect us to be Super Woman when they know we can’t? I have to tell you. I been around a lot of guys and listened to them talked about women and their views on them. I don’t think they know what they want. Some even claimed they want a lady in the streets but a freak in the bed. They supposedly want us to live up to that. Okay. Whatever. The names they call us- whore, slut, b***h,  tramp- list goes on. I’ve even seen some of the men get with those types of women. And then, forget who they are the next day.

First of all, what makes a woman a whore or a b***h? Is it the way she dress, walk, talk, what? Men, will not be satisfy with us and even when they do have the woman they want, their eyes are wandering. What are they looking for? Or better yet, who are they looking for? I have the answer- the next woman to replace you if they become bored with you or even tired.

We birth their babies, clean, cook, sex them, put of with all their flaws and their “my baby mama” blues, and they can’t even rub our feet after a long day or last longer than five minutes after sex  thinking they done something. Omg! Spare us.

We have so much going on in our OWN lives that sometimes we can take on everything. Praises and power to the women who do twelve things at once. Raise up your wine glass!

Share your thoughts with us?

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