#Writing Is More Than A Gift #MondayBlogs

Writing is and has always been something that is embedded deep within my soul. It is something you don’t completely abandon—you’ll eventually come back to it—because it is a part of you.

We can look at writing as a gift because, in a way, it is precisely that. We share our writing with the world whether for monetary value, for free, or both; it is a “gift” that came from our hearts, minds, and souls.

I love it ever since I learned how to write and could put sentences together. And later pages that turned into a manuscript. Writing can also be a struggle because we all have those days where we may feel like we can’t seem to write a simple word or sentence down. Those long nights, the fatigue, distractions, you name it, can get the best of us.

Though, when you keep going, you’ll see what felt like the struggle had turned into quite a blessing to share with others. If writing is something you love doing, no matter what, keep going and go some more, and keep writing. Whatever it is, don’t stop because you may never know whose life you’re impacting.

Sidenote: I started a website some months ago that I’ve been working on: pamelahester.com. I’m still updating it, but feel free to look around. I also have started a newsletter I would love for you all to subscribe to by clicking here. It’s a different one I had before, and it’s a way you can stay up-to-date with my website.

Do you see writing as more than a gift?

Let Go Of The Things That Doesn’t Serve You

Photo courtesy of: The Zen Life

Happy Wednesday!

Though the list in the photo are only a few, there are many things a person may want to let go of that doesn’t best serve them. Life is precious and your health and peace of mind and well-being is super important.

Let go of negativity, toxicity, things you have no power over, people-pleasing, saying yes all the time, etc. Let all that stuff go. Take one day at a time, and take the best care of you.

What are the things you’re letting go of?

What I Have Been Up To

Good morning/afternoon, everyone! I know it has been a little over a month since my last post, but a lot has happened.

For one, I have officially moved into my own place since the end of May. Yep! And it is my first time ever. I am proud of myself for making that move, literally and figuratively. Though others aren’t happy about it at all, I still have to keep going and do what is best for me.

Although most of you may have remembered the things I have gone through in the past that had left me depressed and feeling like my life couldn’t get any worse. I have suffered from all kinds of abuse, and it has gotten me to the point where not only had I lost my identity but my self-respect. I am grateful for being alive and now doing well- mentally, physically; you name it. But, I still have some ways to go. I’m not finishing evolving.

I wanted to share more of my story in hopes it will help others, but like I’m still programmed to do- I’m a little apprehensive of the ones who know me personally in real life who may have something negative to say. Or give their own unnecessary opinions. And worse, the ones who feel it’s their right to gossip to others wanting to make matters worse. The latter is one of the many reasons why I kept some things to myself. Because, even if I feel I could open up to some of you who are caring and understanding, there is a possibility my posts—whether blog posts and social media posts—could fall under the wrong person’s eyes. (I also know that some things you just don’t share, period.)

Then again, I have told myself that I have to STOP the damn people-pleasing because it had gotten me NOwhere at all. There are people who may claim they know you because they are your family member, went to high school or church with you back in the day, or what have you, and don’t know you at all. Most will believe that just because you don’t mention you are going through something, it must not happen to you.

Anyway, I have been going to therapy since 2018; well, I have gone back during that time and still keeping my sessions to this day. It’s something I haven’t mentioned to anyone except my daughter and mom, and therapy has helped me tremendously.

I have learned that to practice self-love, self-respect, and self-care, I have to examine and reexamine my life. The good and bad. And change whatever in my life that is not helping me to move forward positively and productively. I used to look back to the past because of the things that happened; the whys and what-ifs. So whenever I would occasionally look back, it’s to see how far I have come and to learn as much as possible so I won’t make those same mistakes. And to look out for any repeats and red flags.

I won’t crowd everything in today’s post because it will be too long to read. (I will do more posts.) I just want you all to know that I am okay. I had a “scare for my life” thing that happened some weeks ago. Some people refused to let something or someone go because they are stuck on some warped fantasy that you will never leave. Or that that something will get better. Unfortunately, there are people who are only happy if things are going ONLY their way, and that includes your life and everything pertaining you.

In other news, before I go, while brainstorming other stories, I ended up going back to my novel, Secrets Unveil, and I had officially completed it. I am moving towards a professional editor after I finish more self-edits. I’m reworking my Secrets Series page and working on a newsletter and will let you know how that is coming along in the upcoming weeks.

I appreciate you and grateful for you all for hanging in there with me.

Thank you, and I wish everyone the best in life and all their endeavors.



For more information regarding abuse, visit this website here.