March Writing Challenge- Day 6: What Are You Freakishly Good At?

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I believe I am freakishly good at procrastinating. Yeah. There have been projects and writings I have been working on that I have started either years ago or several months ago. I don’t mean to be so good at procrastinating, but I’ve been hoping it would be something I can change because things need to get done. It’s not so much as laziness though I would start something else new. Sometimes, if I lose interest or decided to come back to it later, I would start that new thing and/or take so long to come back to what I was working on.

Another thing I am freakishly good at is reading. Yeah, I know. You might be asking how can I be that good at that. Well, let me tell you. Since a little girl, I would go through boxes and bags of books and magazines and encyclopedias in a week or less (depends on life). I never skimmed through them, I actually read all of them. I remember receiving those Highlights magazines for kids, encyclopedias for kids, and Disney books in the mail and how I would read in rapid speed for so many (I forgot the number) in one weekend and can recite what was either written or give a break-down of my own about what I’ve read.

Since then, my parents would have more books and magazines come in the mail. And I would also skip to the school and town’s library ready for the next book adventure.

Now, I’m still that way, and I feel like now I have to read slowly because I don’t want the book to end. I want to savor the time spent with the characters and go on that literature journey with them.

I am also doing another book challenge on Goodreads this year where I’ll read 50 books this year. I’m at 15 books read so far. I will share the books I’ve read once I finish the challenge. Some days, I have to find time to read books when work and life get in the way when I just want to read.

I may procrastinate like crazy, but not so much when it comes to reading.

Thanks for reading.

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March Writing Challenge- Day 5: What’s The Worst Advice You Ever Been Given?


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If you haven’t already, head over to Marquessa’s blog for the 31 Questions March Writing Challenge.

The worst advice I ever been given was from someone/people telling me that I should hang in there with a person no matter how hard it gets. I call bullsh*t on that because that’s what it is. There is a saying that you have to pick your battles wisely.

Well, being in the South all my life, I have witnessed women “hanging” in there and it had gotten most of them nowhere. Their lives wasted on the wrong person when those women could have spent it doing something better with their lives. Though, there are the women who don’t take any crap from men or anyone, and refused to bow down to what people feel women should do and be when it comes to a role.

And then there’s me. I was told that if you don’t try hard enough then you didn’t try at all. They had me thinking in the beginning that parents supposed to stick together, live together, and take care of their child/children…together.

(I don’t really like following what others do and say, but come on! Some people are good at giving advice, but can’t advise themselves.)

Sometimes things don’t work out as they should and I felt like I gave it my all. But, I don’t want more of a new set of problems existing in my life. So advice from people who don’t have your best interest in mind in the first place, nope.

I feel like most people need to stop giving advice to people in certain situations where it won’t benefit them in the long run. It is unwanted and one of the worst pieces of advice ever.

Thanks for reading.


March Writing Challenge- Day 4: Are You Living Your Life Purpose?

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When I am being asked whether I’m living my life purpose or not, I immediately pause and pondered on it longer than I should. I’m sure I know what it is, but there are days I feel like I am not living the life I want, and that’s because I’m not living. It’s not by choice and has nothing to do with the pandemic. Instead of complaining about it, I took note that I need to do something while I am still alive even if it means pushing myself harder.

My purpose in life has always been to make an impact in the world. With all the things I would like to do which are the things I feel I need to do, I don’t know if I really know what I want to do or what’s truly calling out to me.

As of date, I am still searching for my life purpose, but I know what I want or need to do with my life. I spent the majority of my life listening to others telling me what I should or need to do, and it left me not feeling fulfilled.

All I know is, what I believe is my purpose are to:

  • travel the world,
  • inspire others and to help in whatever way I can,
  • get rid of evil (if that’s possible),
  • continue to grow and get myself and life on track,
  • to keep working on myself and life until I find that “purpose” in life,
  • etc.

So, this is my life purpose for what it is now.

Thanks for reading.

March Writing Challenge- Day 3: Do You Believe In Magic?

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From an adolescent to a teenager, I would watch shows like Sabrina the Teenage Witch, The Craft, to watching Charmed (the original one), and others. It’s the magic for me, I guess. And how a person can make something happen with incantations, a combination of ingredients for spells, and the ability of believing and using your energy and such. Though not only that, the fact of what one can do with magic. Then there come movies like with the supernatural/paranormal and fantasy elements to it.

Though, as from what you may have picked up from my previous posts, I believe in that magic just how it is portrayed on television.

Those are the magic I started out believing in until I gotten older. I believe in that type of magic even more, but also a different type of magic than when I did as a child and teenager. I don’t know when I first felt magic, I know that magic has always been inside me.

It’s the magic that makes you feel like you can accomplish anything. That feeling inside you that is so powerful and believing you can thrive and being one with the Universe. Okay, I’m getting mystical.

Funny Magic Quotes, Quotations & Sayings 2021

Magic can be looked at differently to many people. Though, I also see it as something that is nothing short of a miracle; like for instance, a woman giving birth. Something wonderful happened in someone’s life that they have been waiting for, and someone having their life being spared, etc. Well, it’s like magic in a way to me. I believe anyone should a little magic in their life because mostly are magic.

Still, with magic, it requires doing the inner work in ourselves and believe that whatever we want to achieve we have to believe it will manifest. It’s the meditations and the mantras to change your life for the better. It’s the little things as well as the big, but the little things mean so much more. It’s feeling a white light enveloping you, warming your soul, and relaxing your mind.

Believe in the magic in you. Believe in the power you have inside you. For you can do whatever it is you set your heart out to do.

Do you believe in magic? How do you view it?

Thanks for reading.

March Writing Challenge- Day 2: Do I Have Any Irrational Fears?

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Hmm. When I think about fears, the first thing that comes to mind is the emotional reaction to them and believing those fears will cause harm. Silly, right?

Since I was a little girl I had always feared being in confined spaces and I still do. Claustrophobia is a serious issue for me and over the years I have learned to cope with that fear, not so successfully, I might add. Being in an elevator or walking in a narrow hallway isn’t fun for me. And especially if there are people on the elevator or someone walking in the halls at the same time as me and we have to pass each other.

I hate the feeling of my heart racing and my breathing hitched. The thought of having the walls of a room or area I’m in closing up on me causes me anxiety. I don’t know how I became this way, but I know that I had always been in homes and most places that are considered small in size to me whereas it might not be to others. It’s not by choice that I live in areas like that because I had lived with others and that was how it was.

I supposed living in those areas helps somewhat, but there are times when I have to envision myself in a wide-open space just to cope with it. And not only with spaces, standing or sitting too close to people when I have no choice but to or them to me, is nerve-wracking but you get the picture.

So, the fear of confined and small spaces/places are one of the many fears I have. I deal with them on my own and have learned to watch my anxiety and not panic.

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for Day 3.

Do you have irrational fears you would like to share with us?

And join in on the writing challenge with us if you like.