Relaxation is Blissful

woman relaxing


Relaxation has never felt so blissful.

Soft music. Candlelight. Your favorite body fragrance scrub.

Take the time out of your busy day- or night and get to know your body all over again.

Meditate. Pray. Shut out the world.

Go into that place where you find comfort and peace.

Life is short, so no matter what’s going on, relax,relax, relax!

A Month to Go- Writer’s Challenge

Yay! Officially from this day next month I will begin my writer’s challenge where I write and write my book (or better yet rewrite Secrets Unveil) for 90 days. This challenge has begun and created back in April by none other than the well-known author, Mary B Morrison. I waited to start until July 27 so I can finish school and get everything done so I can focus solely on my novel-writing. I am excited to get started and will keep everyone updated on my progress. Have any of you started a project that have been a life long dream? Tell me your experiences. Until we meet again, Pamela🌹

Never Will You…


You don’t want to ever get to this point in your life…ever. Especially when someone needs you the most. I remembered twice in my life; once when I was a teen, my father needed me. He wanted to get back in my life and I always had something going on. Then he passed away. Same thing with my grandmother (his mother), while I’m an adult. With her, she had lived far away and I didn’t have a car. I didn’t tried harder enough for either and they left me here without their love and understanding.

You don’t ever want to be and stay busy for someone, because you just may never know what the cards may hold. Make yourself available as possible as you can.

The other three Nevers are self-explanatory. We come to many Nevers in our life, some not our fault, but we can learn from past mistakes in others and most of all in ourselves.

Love always. Stay 100% true.

Until we meet again,


When Does the Mask Comes Off?


It had never occurred to me that you can go through life with someone for so many years and still not know them. Most people put on masks for whom they like to portrayed for that moment, and leave you in utter shock at the fact that they’d manipulated, betrayed you for so long. They will make themselves out to be the victim when all along they played you like a used up fiddle.

Have you ever been to the point where you just want to throw your hands up and say, F**k it! I’m tired of fighting and redeeming myself loyal and worthy.”?

When you had dealt with a person you thought you can trust, and they turned around and done the unthinkable, you lose a part of you every day. To the point where if you go to an authority figure, that person can be persecuted. Like a good hearted person, you want to give them a chance. But, how many chances can you give them time after exhausting time?

When does the mask comes off? Who are they really? Love shouldn’t have to be so hard.

Your heart is bleeding. You are fighting your way out of a dark tunnel- to a light that shines bright to another day. Your soul can’t go on any longer. Where is the peace? When and how can you lift yourself up to remove yourself out of a tangled web you didn’t weave to begin with?

Until we meet again,



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