Standing at a Crossroad


I’m at a crossroads, wondering if I should stay or leave.

If I continued to stay, I’ll have to fight,

Fight for peace, acceptance, and for love.

If I leave, I will be at peace, in perfect harmony,

But, alone, yet submissive to my own needs and understanding.

I want to be understood, the need is strong, yet controllable.

People search their entire lives for love, while

I searched my entire life trying to find myself.

I look left where my insecurities reminds me,

That I haven’t yet fully grown spiritually.

I look right where my values and goals reminds me,

Of the important factors I’m supposed to live by,

To be my guide in decision-making in complex situations.

I look backward where dark, troublesome days lives,

Taunting me to go back to the days that held me hostage,

Of everything and everyone who brought on the negatively, immaturity, bitterness, the deep

Emotions I held on for far too long.

I look forward where possibilities and hopefulness lies,

I can see clearly the path I’m suppose to take.

The path where my wants and needs matter, and will be taken care of.

No more allowing others to dictate to me with negatively,

No more feeling weak with longing to put my life in my perspective,

No more going back to what doesn’t put my best interest at heart,

No more.

Unveiling a Secret

Unveiling a secret can be a good thing, but what if it costs you a friend, your significant other, or a family member. Can you keep a secret?

I have been busy writing a novel called; Secrets Unveil, that I’ve recently mentioned in my about page. Lately, I have rewritten and edited, trying to get it so perfect that I nearly frustrated myself. Lol.

What made me want to write this novel because one, I have an extreme passion for writing. Nothing drives me more than to pick up a pen and paper and start writing or going to my Word document and start typing. Next, the characters in my novel is a part of me and my experiences, and experiences from others who went through a great ordeal in our lifetime. Although, I will never say what character(s) made up my persona, and of others. Third, what the characters go through in my novel is something we all may go through and how we will overcome it.

Have you ever want to be with someone but couldn’t, because that person belongs to someone else? And/or you’re with someone and not truly happy? You are going through the emotions with your current, praying that one day this other person will be yours.

Or, how about, the love of your life have been brutally attack and you risk everything to avenge your beloved’s attackers? Those are the unfortunate circumstances my two main characters go through, but in the end, they fight and conquer the battles that defeat them.

When you love someone, you don’t think about the what ifs. The main thing you’re worrying about is making sure your love won’t have to suffer anymore. That’s why the male character goes out of his way to get justice on his girlfriend’s behalf in his own way.  No law enforcement. Just him and his “army”.

But, what about when it’s a secret from others, like family and friends? How long can you keep a secret before it takes over your life, and you can’t help but tell someone?

We all go through different types of problem in our lifetimes.  The thing is, you have to vanquish all iniquities.  If we don’t, we could find ourselves in a worse predicament than before. Never put the law in your hands.

***Whew! I have now completed my novel. What a satisfying accomplishment. I’m looking toward getting it look at by an editor, or perhaps a critique service. Either way, wish me luck!


10 Signs The Man Wooing You Has Another Woman/ May Be Married


Truthfully spoken!

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It is known that there are females who deliberately date married men; I am not talking about those. This is specifically for girls who inadvertently fall for the lying tongues of men already in relationships and string along a girl who falls in love only to have her heart shattered that she had been dealing with a man who was just after having her as a side chic. This is not just for people who are mistresses without knowing it but many of the points can be applicable to wives whose husbands have mistresses. The saying goes that a criminal has to be lucky all the time and the police just needs to be lucky one time to apprehend him is so true. There are tell tale signs cheaters and deceivers in relationships drop along the way.
These are a few

His stories don’t add up 
A lie usually cannot…

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When the Past is Revisited

Caution: This is a serious matter when it comes two very grown adults playing mind games.


Have you ever been a relationship just to realize sometime down the road that the person you’re with are taking you for granted? Playing mind games, taking their frustrations out on you? Or, playing tug-a-war with your heart?

I know what that is like, have experienced it for some time now. But, one thing that doesn’t sit quite well with me is the fact that the person you’re with needs help getting over their past- from another relationship! How crazy is that? Never in a million years I thought I had to play therapist in a relationship. It’s a maddening and troubling journey.

Someone once told me that if a person talks (vents) about a past with another mate, then they are not over that person or the situation they had with them. I’d spoke about baggage being brought in a relationship before (see Getting Over A Breakup ) and it gave me plenty of insights on what needs to be done and soon. A person can’t keep going on sane in this type of relationship. It will break you down, if you let it, and make you distrusting about a future with them if you decides to stay, or in the future with another.

That person who have an difficult time leaving the past in the past have to see a licensed therapist or someone, (like a relative or a friend) other than you to work through their problems. The past is the past. It is never a good thing to bring so much baggage, especially from another relationship into a new one. It will only create more problems with the new one.

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Tell me, have this ever happen to you can or had you done this to another? How did you went about it? What was the outcome? Please feel free to comment below to tell me your thoughts on this.

“Have a relationship as an enhancement to your life, not as a solution to your life.”
—Dr. E

Until we meet again,